El Unico Collectivo

 Some more samples of Storyboards I did for a collaborative project.

Justin Case Suburban Ninja

  A sample of panels for a comic book I was working on for Bliss on Tap Publishing.

Government Property

This is a storyboard I did for someones pitch to a TV studio. Although the pitch was not a success the storyboards were well received.

Freelance Graphics/ Including Wedding Personalization

                                                                                 A small sample of a variety of Freelance Art Work:                                                                               Team Logos, Graphics of Surfboard breakdowns in                                                                                  magazines and Wedding Personalizations:                                                                                               "Thank You" Letters, Invitations and so much more.

Wedding Personalization

Surfboard breakdowns in magazines                                                                       

Wedding Personalization

Wedding Personalization

Graphic Design Team Logo

Wedding Personalization

Wedding Personalization

Science Teacher Worksheet for students

Here is a sample of some worksheets I did for a teacher that needed to clean up some of her old worksheets that were unclear and outdated.  Here is my cleaned up versions of those worksheets.

Vineyard Wine Bottle Graphic Design Logo

This is a logo I did for a guy who owns a vineyard and needed business cards and a logo for his wine collection.

Surf Technology Graphic Design

Some samples of my work, featured in a surf magazine for surf technology making the illustrations and breakdowns of different board material. 

VFX Reel


Above is a link to my VFX Reel from working at Legend 3D and Deluxe StereoD
I work on.
The following is my IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4271311/
R.I.P.D. (2013)
The Wolverine (2013)
 Iron Man 3 (2013)
Green Lantern (2011)
Priest (2011)
Shrek 1  (2001) 
Shrek 2  (2004) 
Shrek 3  (2007)

Concrete Jungles Wyatt Watts

Concrete Jungles Wyatt Watts 
Once a leader of a 4 man special ops team
Wyatt was known for his stealth, agility and most of all leadership
Picked up from a plane crash Wyatt was experimented on atomically fused to one animal species. 

More to come

Charater Leaps

Character  animation  leaping from one building 
to another.

Baked Goods Family

Ted is a single father taking care of his son Joey aka Jojo and baby girl Brianna. An by his side is mans best friend a canine named Fritz

Baked Goods

A story I'd like to apply in a T.V. show

A man in the daily struggles of being a single father with two very special children and an intelligent best friend his dog named Fritz.

Comedy and Adult Humor and entertainment for kids. Also add in some educational stuff for this kids too, and not in any preachy way. More like stuff you pick up as you grow up kinda thing.

Concrete Jungle Co-Op Game

New Concept Art for a Co-Op game idea I have in mind.

Now if only I can find and talk to someone who can help me create it.

I promise it'll be worth it

Crazy Quesadillas

A buddy of mine is a chef and asked me to draw something up as a logo.

A crazy quesadilla running at the camera with his tongue out as gooey cheese is coming off the top of his head like "hair" with ingredients such as shrimp, carne, sliced muchrooms, and little bits of corn with "crazy faces"

Bug N Ro

I had done a sketch of a Baby-like Robot called Ro, and his bio-mechanical insect like friend called Bug. You can kind of see a faint outline of another thing behind Ro
(its suppose to be a giant frog) as he is learning how to walk.

Its still on in the concept stage and Im in the process of making the design digital. Bug N Ro
are bio mechanical robots that crashland on earth in a spaceship in the shape of an egg. Bug N Ro are actually from a different planet where robots are like humans they are born, grow and learn.
Only these two are not on their home planet, but on planet Earth.

Concrete Jungle's- Heroes

Here are my new designs for the characters Im working on for this video game I hope to one day make. All the anthropomorphic characters were once humans but through an evil mans plan they were transformed. Each character will have their own specialties.
Covering Air, Land, Underground and the Ocean.

The Rhino- Is Ray Stone a former police officer, escorting a prisoner to a "special prison"

In front is an Electric Eel- named Wyatt Watt a former teacher with a PHd in psych and hired to prove the escorted prisoners innocence (also the leader of this motley crew)

On the Right is a Meerkat- named Alex Payne former hollywood pyrotechnic and explosive expert, framed and sent to prison on the account of murder.

The Flying one is a Peregrine Falcon named Eddie Peregrine - A Hired pilot to fly these three passengers to the "special prison" Also an old elementary friend of Alex Payne. Both having not seen each other over many years.

Concrete Jungle- Wyatt Watt

New Design for my Electric Eel character


A cross between a humming bird and a spider

Dark Passenger

While listening to Dexter's audio book, the main character would talk about a dark passenger. This is what I imagined when Dexter would describe the dark passenger

This was my first green screen experience, I REALLY enjoyed doing this and wish we had more time in the class and more lectures on compositing and the green screen process, because I would have liked to add some more effects that was missing in this video.

I am a huge of fan of AVATAR: The Last Airbender, and having had a daydream about "elemental bending", it gave me the perfect opportunity to use the green screen process. I hope you enjoy.

3D Camera Techniques

I did this video for a class assignment I had a lot of fun working on it. It involves 3d camera techniques. You will see stuff that is recognizable such as a symbol and characters that do not belong to me, however the characters were part of the inspiration and it was part of the project and story.

I hope you enjoy

Demo Reel

This is my demo reel. I worked on a class project for Princess and the Pea and did most of the boards for the class project. I also did an original pepsi commercial storyboard. At the end is a cartoon idea I created about a boy named Beto. For the episodes I had the challenge of trying to complete the story in 16 panels so they were very rushed in my opinion. The first teaser episode was 23 panels, the second teaser was 14 panels and the third was 17.


Imaginary Help

This is an assignment where we had to do a storyboard where we were only limited to do 35 panels. My story is about a boy who is a afraid of the dark, and his imagination runs wild.

Dazed and Confused_ Lipsync

We were given sounds from movies to do a lipsync and I chose this sound file from the movie Dazed and Confused


Peter's using his invention the web shooters for the very first time.

Figure drawings

Quick sketches

Caged in the Attic

Something was caged in the attic... But what?


I tried to create a character when the Ben 10 series ended and heard a new Ben 10: Alien Force was coming out. I wanted to try and create an alien that could be from a planet where intelligent humanoid insects dominated the planet.

"Ben Tennyson has been(Ben) an arachnid."

Mouse DragonRider

This animation was on in 3D for my first animation class, it has sound , so make sure to adjust the volume. Its a short animation, of a mouse riding on a dragonfly, it's just movement with no rigging.
with a little camera movement but mostly just camera placement.

Chalk Walk

This is one of my walk cycles I did for a 2D animation class.