Concrete Jungle's- Heroes

Here are my new designs for the characters Im working on for this video game I hope to one day make. All the anthropomorphic characters were once humans but through an evil mans plan they were transformed. Each character will have their own specialties.
Covering Air, Land, Underground and the Ocean.

The Rhino- Is Ray Stone a former police officer, escorting a prisoner to a "special prison"

In front is an Electric Eel- named Wyatt Watt a former teacher with a PHd in psych and hired to prove the escorted prisoners innocence (also the leader of this motley crew)

On the Right is a Meerkat- named Alex Payne former hollywood pyrotechnic and explosive expert, framed and sent to prison on the account of murder.

The Flying one is a Peregrine Falcon named Eddie Peregrine - A Hired pilot to fly these three passengers to the "special prison" Also an old elementary friend of Alex Payne. Both having not seen each other over many years.